Thursday, June 25, 2009

So a little work update

So. It still blows. lol.

but it gets better. i try to start each day fresh. I really am trying to put my best effort into every opportunity and into every task I'm assigned. I feel better about this week than last week. I haven't cried after work once this week. which is good to my 4 days in a row last week. haha.

I like to consider myself a 'Microsoft office guru', i have worked with them alot, and they tend to do what i want. So when i was assigned to design a new program on excel to track some of our paperwork i was really excited. My FL (fearless leader) actually commended me on my document. She said (and i quote this) "that you can teach me a lot when it comes to excel, and i thought i knew a lot about excel." so i felt good today. of course she then tweaked it a little bit, but everyone has opinions. and i was able to quickly change it and get it to her liking. now we're just thinking and re-working the categorizations and it'll be set. it felt pretty good for her to like something that much.

i still feel like I'm working below my level. i still feel like I'm her assistant and not a co-worker. blech. but its a paycheck. and a steady one at that. So if this week is so much better than last week. here's hoping next week will improve still!