Sunday, June 21, 2009

Next up - Camping! (Loads of Pictures!)

So we went camping at Wyld Cat a couple weeks ago. I had a freaking blast. it was the week before i went back to work. my last hur-ah if you will. I had so much fun. I went with the Hus-beast, his dad (FIL), His Friend S, and her boyfriend R.

We had so much fun.
we went Monday thru Thursday.
Monday we got there and set up camp. S & R brought a friggin keg. so we were set. hahaha.

Driving there (thats S & R behind us)
Such a pretty Drive
Setting up camp.
My Paul Bunyan wanna be! lol. We chopped a lot a wood. well... we didn't. he did.

Tuesday we went on an 8 mile hike back through the amazing back country. So so fun.
The Twin Pillars we *almost* hiked to. lol.
R, S, B & me.
S & R
B! So cute!

Wednesday we all sort of did our own thing. S & R wen't to a local lake to fish. FIL went and hung out with another camper. We went and did some 4x4ing. it was a blast. we just went up some old foresting roads and had fun. although part of it was kinda scrarey.

starting up the road
testing the depth of the puddle.
crazy animal tracks. They were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the mysterious track. i say cougar.
up we go!

B did doughnuts
the bones we found!!! they were spread all over!! so scarey looking!! those are ribs.
Spinal Column.
Hip BoneEnd of the road! so pretty!
The cows that got in the way. THEY WOULDN'T MOVE!!!

At the top
View from the top! so great!

Down We go.
The pillar at the mouth of the camp area.

Thursday it started raining HARD. So i'm glad thats the day we left. So awesome. I had so much fun i am so glad we got to do that before i went back to work!!

Topics still to talk about:
-Multnomah Falls Hike
-work update
-Drill Weekend
-B's Job Update/Situation
-Car Shopping ( and my new car )
-BFF's marital situation.
-my family BBQ
-School situation


Cammie said...

um, scary animal tracks and random bones. I would have been OUT of there.....yikes!