Sunday, June 21, 2009

okay... snap out of it!

Okay, back to the topic at hand. ME! lol.
lets get off something besides my whiney posts about my job. for now that is.

Topics still to talk about:
-Multnomah Falls Hike
-work update
-Drill Weekend
-B's Job Update/Situation
-Car Shopping ( and my new car )
-BFF's marital situation.
-my family BBQ
-School situation

Drill Weekend:
So this month i didn't have to be at drill on A-Weekend. My weekend was B-Weekend. lol. But i'm so glad i got to go. I got to spend time with my husband and i got to see him re-enlist. it was great. Its something i was proud i was there for. i just wish i had been in uniform too. but o-well.
And of course i was there with my camera. hello?! did you expect anything else?

He had his commander do it. it was really awesome. His commander at the end gave him a special pen in which he signed it with. it was a really pretty Air Force pen. It was pretty freaking awesome.


Cammie said...

very cool pics!!