Monday, June 15, 2009

School Choir Goodness

So i'm a huge fan of celebrity gossip! its a sickness i swear i'm finding a cure for. but in the mean time i was reading He's showcased these kids a couple times on his blog. They're so talented and so darned cute!

Check out the skils!

You Tube Link

i'm also huge fan of lady gaga.

how cute are thes kids???

these amazing kids have a blog too!

amazing the talent! amazing!


Cammie said...

popping over to you to say hello back! Thanks for the comment about my husband's award. It was a fantastic trip that we will never forget! Thank YOU for serving our country too! And I agree....VC Andrews is awesome....nice to find someone else who still agrees with that!

Mrs.G said...

I love these kids. I have no idea how he gets them to sing like that. They were on Nightline the other night too and he was talking about how they'll be leaving 5th grade and going on to other schools that have NO music program! This choir is all some of these kids have and it just broke my heart watching them talk about having to leave the group. Anyway I can't imagine in a million years having a group of 5th graders do that. It's just phenomenal.

::end sappy music teacher speech::