Thursday, June 18, 2009

I never thought it would be this hard....

So i deffinatley think i went back to work to early. I thought about it today. i'm still technically on leave. i'm not even sure what to write at this point.

I called my mom today (who's still in arizona taking care of grandma) in tears. she really is my best friend and i wish she was here. i know she does better there righ tnow. and grandma needs her more. but i really need my mom.

i just can't take it.

i'm so annoyed. i'm so frustrated. just thinking about it and typing about it is putting me in tears.

i never thought going back to work would be this hard. I hate how weak and emotional i feel.

i can't quit.
i can't change it.
i can't look for a new job.

i'm just stuck.


Mrs. S said...

Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I hate my job and I didn't just get back from over seas. Is it possible for you to scale back your hours, even temporarily? Everything has a way of working itself out. Perhaps you can keep your eyes peeled for something new?

Big hugs to you!