Monday, June 15, 2009

5 Question Fun!

So my bloggy friend over at the (mis) adventures of VEG played a little game called 5 questions. She got her's from B @ cuttings of a blog.

I get 5 random questions and answer them, and if you want to play leave me a comment and i'll give you 5 questions.

so veg gave me these 5!

1. Why did you choose an alternative path and join the military?
I always knew i was going to join the military. The only question was, which branch. I knew from the moment i put on my dad's combat boots at 5 years old that i was destined to be in the military. as i grew older i weighed the pros and cons. I really did my research. i looked into all the branches and talked to a lot of people before i decided. I feel that anyone who's physically and mentally able should serve their country in some way shape or form. I chose the military. I love it. i'm 3rd generation and i can't get enough of it. for me the military just makes more sense.

2. Do you consider yourself a girly girl?
Not really. I mean i love to get my hair done and get mani/pedi's but I also LOVE camping, shooting guns, going 4x4ing, going hiking, working out, getting sweaty. So i guess not. its about 70/30.

3. What would be your least favourite chore that you have to do?
Dishes!!!!! i despise dishes. i hate hate hate doing them.

4. What is your favourite item of clothing?
1 item? no not really
items? yes. i live in tank-tops. i almost always have some form of tank top on. i live in them all year round. i have to have close to 30 tank tops.

5. What is the last thing you do at night before you go to sleep?
the very last thing? kiss my husband good night.

who else wants to play?


iasa said...

I hate dishes too. And they never go away.

I wanna play

Mrs.Rotty said...

okay! yay!

1) if money were no object, but you had to work, what would you want to do?

2)favorite food that you could eat every day of your life (if you never gained weight

3)whats the one thing you never leave home with out?

4)what is your favorite smell?

5)What is your favorite article of cumfy clothing?

Mrs. S said...

I'll play! It'll give me something to do at work.

I feel you on the dishes thing. That's why I cook! We have a strict 'if I cook - you clean' policy in my house. :)

Mrs.Rotty said...

okay MRS.S.

your 5 questions

1) if you could dispose of one celebrity to never be seen or heard from again, who would it be? and why?

2) what movie can make you cry no matter how often you watch it?

3) if you could be 1 animial for a day, what would you be?

4) coffee, tea, or other? whats your morning drink of choice?

5) what is your favorite time of year? spring, summer, winter, fall? why?

B said...

I love how this is doing the rounds! It's very interesting how you always knew you'd be in the military. I wish I knew what I'm supposed to do with my life!