Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi my name is rotty

::hi rotty::

and I'm a push over.

so we all know about my BFF A.

so her car died. her mom's friend gave her their extra car.
so when A got her tax return, she put her car in the shop.

well then her mom's friend calls and asks for their car back.

so she didn't have a car to get to work today. so being the friend i offered to let her borrow my car for TODAY! because she said her friend J would be willing to take her to work (they work together) on Tuesday because that's when J works too.

so i get a text message from A today
"ummmm i won't have my car until next week =/"
"ugh gotta get a new engine"

I'm like FUCK! the only way i could talked B into it was because it was 1 day only.

so i texted her back
"did you talk to J about getting a ride tomorrow"

her response was:
"she won't txt me back"

My husband is now mad because we keep bailing her out at OUR expense. and now she has my car.

i don't know what to do.
i love her.
i love my godson.
i don't want to leave her stranded. but damn.

what do i do? i don't know what to do.

then i get a text saying:
"i don't know what to do"
all i can say is "me either, I'm trying"
but I'm not willing to put a strain on me and B to help her out. I'm so lost.

so i finally got a text from her saying
"I know. thanks for letting me use your car today. dunno what to do... my mom needs to step up".

I'll leave it like that. I'm getting my car back. she knows it.

but i still feel like crap.

I'm just going to have to stop bailing her out.

i already watch our godson every Sunday for free. while she works. and do what ever i can for her.

i love her, but man does she test me.