Saturday, February 20, 2010
Warning: Military related. if i don't make sense let me know

So i emailed my supervisor Wednesday night after my follow up appointment. I had to let him know that the meds i was on won't allow me to drive, so the 3 hr drive to drill this weekend was not happening. I emailed him because it was late and he has 3 kids, so i didn't want to interrupt dinner, bed time, etc.

So Thursday morning i texted him and let him know he had an email. he texted back saying he would check it.

Thursday early afternoon, i texted him to see if he had checked it. he said no, but he'd get to it.

So i got frustrated and texted my friend asking for advice. my friend happens to be my supervisors supervisor. I text him on and off after drill during the weeks, he's my friend. So he says "omg, i hope you're okay. I'll take care of it" That wasn't the purpose of my text to him, but it worked out. I trusted him that he would help me out. He's truly a great man and if i was 20 years older and single, I'd so get with him. if that makes ANY sense. lol.

So this morning i FINALLY get the bed to my self and i get a call from my supervisor (the one who wouldn't get back to me) asking when i wanted to re-schedule. i told him i wanted to pull a 4 day drill instead of 2 weekends. the ONLY reason I'm not up there rocking my neck brace is because of the meds. I WANT to be there. I LOVE my unit, i love my job.

He tells me that "they" (don't know who they is) don't think i can do that. physically he means. I told him....again that its just the meds. I'm on limited duty, yes, but to be honest on drill weekends, my job isn't that physically hard.

So He's scheduling me for a 4 day drill for next month.

not even 30 minutes later i get a call from my first Sergeant. when you get a call from the shirt its a BIG Deal, so i was a little freaked out. I told him the whole story, what happened. I told him what my issue with being up there was, and that i start physical therapy next week. Apparently his wife is a physical therapist, so i think when he found out that i was 1) in a neck color and 2) have to go to physical therapy i think he believed me.

I honestly believe that he thought i was faking at first. but when i list my meds, what i have to do, i know he believed me. but dang.

phew that was long. but it felt good to get it out.