Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well that sucked

So Tuesday after lunch i was on my way to clock in from lunch and i sorta kinda maybe fell down the flight of stairs leading from my office to the warehouse.

I decided to try and tough it out work the rest of the day (3.5-4 hours). my thigh and back hurt a lot but i need the money.

Then today i woke up and my neck hurt so bad i couldn't turn my head. So B and I decided to go to urgent Care. I got examined, x-ray, and got medicine.

i have a extreme strain on my neck. I'm supposed to wear a neck brace until i can turn my head with out pain.

i have a bruised back, bruised ribs, bruised hip, and a bruised thigh. I'm supposed alternate heat and ice on my thigh and back which were the worst spots.

but the best part of our trip to urgent care is.... the prescription vending machine. this thing was SO FREAKING COOL.

The nurse walks over & punches in a code. apparently they can upload you Rx to the machine. Its like a one stop shop. so bad ass.



Just Add Walter said...

oh no!! that sucks for sure!

Laura said...

you've been nominated. see my blog....