Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Update

so Wednesday i went for my follow up appointment with the new doctor.

I'm still in the neck collar. Stupid stupid neck collar.

I'm on super restricted duty... and it sucks.

No sitting, walking, standing for longer than 30 min
No running, jumping, squatting.
No lifting more than 5lbs.
no push ups
no sit ups
no anything

I'm telling you! i' miss the gym.
I miss it. I'm so serious!

so here i sit, on my bum. Wanting to go to the gym... sipping my diet coke... and watching Julie & Julia.


I had to reschedule my duty this weekend. and to be honest i'm BORED! I really enjoy my duty. but i'll update you guys on that i a few.

::larger sigh::