Thursday, February 25, 2010

Injury & Workmans Comp (Part II)

This one is super long stay with me.

So Iput my foot down. I emailed the "HR" guy and told him I wanted everything gone through WC. I didn't care how they paid for it, but I did want all the paper work put through.

So on the 17th I had a follow up appointment in which they put me on more meds. It was exactly one week and one day from the incident. I LOVED the doctor and he was great.

I had to go get a second set of x-rays on my neck. well... apparently I got stuck behind some lady that had to have full body x rays or some shit and was waiting for an hour and a half to get 4 x-rays of my neck.

(Total side bar) So the urgent care and the follow up place are in different offices directly across the hall. So when I went to get my neck x-rays they took me BACK over to the urgent care side and stuck me in a room, by myself, for over an hour. It was scary. I heard a woman screaming "OUCH! SOMEONE HELP ME", but I never saw her. There was a sick baby girl in another room (I did see her so sick, so cute) and I could hear her crying. It was scary. I made B give me a hug when I got back to the other side.

So the x-rays show nothing. No torn muscles, no bone damage. But I knew that.

So he put me on 3 doses of valum for 2 days and then 1 a day at bedtime the following days.

And a follow up in a week.

So when I went to fill my Rx. She told me my claim had been submitted, but not accepted.

(All of that was on a Wednesday)

then Thursday I got a call saying my claim WAS accepted! Thank GOD! Seriously I prayed so hard.

So I took my valum, and I was a zombie. And it was fantastic.

So Monday I started PT (physical Therapy)
He didn't do anything out of the ordinary.
he took a measurement of my movement and how far I could stretch my neck
he did a mini massage to gauge my sore spots and where I hurt
then he used the ultrasonic (I call it a vibrator) machine on my neck
then he hooked me up on this ultrasonic muscle stimulation thing. He put these sticky patches (4 I think) in various places on my neck shoulder and back. Then turned on a current. Covered my neck and back with a heating bad and left me for 15-20 min.

I felt fine when I left
but I hurt like HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL when I was done with the day.

B says it’s because it’s the first time those muscles have really been tested since I fell.

Today was my next follow up I had some douche bag doctor I was not a fan of. He told me that he didn't agree with the neck brace. I told him to bad.

I only wear the neck brace at work and when driving. When I’m at home I don't wear it unless I’m sleeping.

At work the other people sit behind me so no matter how hard I try to not turn, it’s nearly impossible.

He did keep me on my meds, which I’m thankful for because I’m sore as shit today too.
I take 1 naproxen in the morning and 1 naproxen when I get home
I take 1 valium before bed, and then vicoden if I need it.
For a while I didn't need the vicoden, but today and yesterday I needed 2 each night.

I told B that if I’m trying not to complain, but if I sit and allow myself to feel the pain, I bawl and bawl.


on the work front.
I’m keeping them updated. They’re being VERY passive aggressive about my taking time for PT and follow ups. And such.

My female boss always has some stupid and inappropriate comment to say about my doctor's paper work that I ALWAYS give to her. She nitpicks it to death.

"What does contusion mean?"
"why does your "diagnosis" change every time you go in"
"Since when did your hip come into play"

stupid crap like that

I ignore her. But it really gets old. Really really old.


I have PT

then Monday

Then wednesday i leave work at noon and i have a 4 day duty weekend to make up for the one i missed. but because i'm off the 3 day valium i can make it.

thank you for listening if you did make it through all that.
i get so frustrated
my BFF A doesn't care about my issues
and B gets tired of me venting

thanks for listening.
this is the first time i have been undrugged enough to type it all out.



Stephanie said...

That sounds so frustrating. I hate that your work is being so stupid about it all. Feel better!