Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Must step away from amazon

I've spent the first half of my lunch hour going over the books i just added, looking at the next book in the series's I've been reading and so on. my book wish list is seriously 6 pages long.

seriously 135 books on the list

granted some of them I've borrowed from friends, but want to buy and own.
some of them (the twilight series) I've read, but i want the box set

but I'm seriously obsessed.

and yes 99% of them are vampire books.

I can't wait till B gets a job so that i can support my book habit.

I'm trying to finish the black dagger brother hood series
then i have book 2 in the immortal instruments series.

then i can venture into new series or finish other series.
must finish these first.


p.s. when my list is printed... its 12 pages long.