Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Weekend & Update (Part III)

So Thursday i had PT, and there was a bunch of young guys. I had a "deep tissue" massage. it hurt like a bisnatch.

I apparently have scar tissue developing between my layer of skin and my layer of muscle so he had 'break it up'. god. not a fun feeling. not a fun feeling at all. my appointment was late that evening.

Then Friday i had an early PT appointment. It went a little better. she did the ultrasonic, and then the elecrostimulator (i call it electroshock). it was simple but still still hard.

on my health front... I'm not doing so great.
Thursday morning i felt a little off, but because of the meds I'm taking for my neck i can't take day quill or NyQuil.

Friday got worse and worse as the day went on

Friday night was B's friend's birthday so we went down town for his birthday. i didn't drink at all. i was driving and drinking on my meds is a BAD idea.

then i woke up on Saturday and felt terrible. and I've basically been moving between my side of the bed and the couch. its just this terrible cough, my throat is raw and its just no fun.

so today I've updated my reading wish list, my goodreads profile (notice the new widget). and do a bunch of other really POINTLESS stuff on the computer.

that's my update.



CageQueen said...

the reason you came down sick is because of the massage. the first and second times i had massages, i did too until the therapist told me why. when they massage you and "break up" the knots and scar tissue, it releases all the toxins that were built up. even a regular massage does this. the best way to combat it is to drink your body weight in water so it can all be flushed out.