Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Injury & Workmans Comp (Part I)

So I'm going to break this up, because its a SUPER long story

So Feb 9th, i fell down the stairs at work.
Feb 10th, went to urgent care and filled for workmans Comp (W.C.)

Feb 12th, started the fight. work vs. me. they said that they were going to pay for my visits out of pocket and that they were going to 'tell' W.C. but not file thru them.

So on Saturday(13th) my Good SIL came to visit with us. I was unaware that her H actually works for W.C.!!! So I got to bend her ear for a while.

She said to tell them that I wanted them to file the claim through workman’s comp. and she also suggested going to the urgent care I went to and asking them to also file the paperwork through W.C

She also said that I would probably get a call from a W.C, and then I would be able to tell them my story and what my work has said to me about this.

So today I emailed the HR guy and requested a sent/delivered/read receipt. I received the sent & delivered, but never received a read receipt.

Then later this afternoon I get a call from him saying that I "misunderstood" that WC gives them an option of paying out of pocket or paying through insurance. They’re just choosing to pay out of pocket.

I said okay, and hung up the phone. And my boss heard the whole thing and I understand that she's looking out for the best interest of the company. And she got UBER defensive of me questioning anything.

So Then we called Good SIL and her husband. Hopefully they'll give me something else to try.

This thing is just so shady

i've never had to deal with this before. i'm really trying to handle this truthfully and honestly. but its really hard when i feel the other party isn't.

i'm just frustrated.

B's frustrated because i didn't get a copy of the paper work i filled out for the company with my signature on it.

when i first filled it out i didn't think i was going to file.

then i did.

so i signed the paper and turned it in.

i'm trying

really hard.
but when you're up aggainst dishonest people with more power, its hard.

I'm really frustrated



Just Add Walter said...

that is so frustrating. I am sorry you are having to go through this!