Thursday, November 19, 2009

::smacks hands:: BAD BLOGGER!

I've been a bad bad blogger.
but here are my excuses
1) i've been dealing with a lot of personal problems. Ones i need to get off my chest but can't ever get more than a few seconds of alone time to do so.
2) we went on vacation. to sum it up in 2 words: beautiful disaster or Never Again.
3) i've been a busy busy beaver.
4) i'm just so tired.

i promise i will post more, but at the moment i need to make my coffee, check my email, and scoot off to work for the first time since last thursday.



Stephanie said...

::waits patiently::

::or not so patiently::

Nicole said...

Aww Rotty..text or call me if you need to talk. I'm a great listener :)