Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Out Thursday

This week’s been kind of hard. B came home from out of town duty on Monday. So I (being the obsessive compulsive wife) cleaned like a mad woman. So that way when he came home he didn't have to worry about anything. The only thing I didn't get to was vacuuming. All the laundry was done, folded and put away (yep, even his). All the dishes were done (I loathe dishes). Dinner was in the fridge and waiting to be cooked. The sheets were washed and dried and put back on the bed (I love the smell of fresh out of the dryer linens). Do you think I got 1 tiny thank you...? NOPE!! Not even a 'looks good Hun' that he says in passing.

But anywhozer.

Back to me. Time out Thursday is for me. I spent my Time out this week in the Gym on Tuesday. I love the gym. I wish I could get their more often. I did a fantastic cardio work out then went down and killed myself with a great abs workout. I wanted so badly to get there yesterday and take my boot camp class that I miss so much... but work held me over and I missed it. AGAIN.

I really need to find a better work/home balance. Because at the moment work is taking up FAR too much of my time



Theta Mom said...

The gym is always such an awesome place to let go of some stress. Getting a good cardio workout always makes me feel so good! That's awesome you were able to fit it in! Thanks for sharing and linking. ;)

Shelly said...

I miss going to the gym. I had to give it up b/c of finances. But I agree, the gym is great and the way you feel afterwards makes you want to keep going back.

Anonymous said...

I love the way fresh out of the dryer sheets smell.

Anonymous said...

great time out!!
i need to do that too!!!

Sophia's Mom said...

Good for you that you got to clean the house!
And good for you that you got to the gym!

You're making the rest of us look bad but we're proud of you!!!

Hope you stop by my blog to read about my time-out!

Frugal Vicki said...

Why do men just fail to realize the importance of those two words? But yet, if I get an ounce of my husband being extra nice I go and buy him a card to tell him thank you. sheesh.
I agree with the sheets. I always put extra dryer sheets in too!