Thursday, October 9, 2008

100th Post

So, I've been wracking my brain to try and figure out what to write for my 100th post. Its a pretty big milestone for me. I thought about making a funny post, a serious one, one that threw myself a 100th post party. but nothing really seems fitting.

So i think i'll just post about whats been going on in my life right at the moment and we'll see where the post goes from there.

I have a very dear friend who we'll call M (for my friend). She's married to a very nice guy we'll call him H (for husband, lol, i'm so creative). Well M has had a rough year. I don't' think she understands how much i look up to her. She's been through things this past year that would crumble weaker woman. H has been very sick and its taking a toll on him and her. She'll text me and apologize for complaining to much, but it never bothers me. She still wakes up everyday and goes about her life. No matter what happened the night before she's still going through it. I'm pretty sure i'd be in the fetal position in the corner of my room sucking my thumb and hiding under a blanket if i had to go through what she has. She never has to apologize to me. She's one of my bestest friends, and i don't' think she's aware of it.

Last night she was faced with an issue i pray no one ever has too. H is in so much pain, he just wants it to end. I wish I had money. I wish i could pack my weekend bag and fly down there for the weekend. I wish i lived closer to her. I wish she didn't have to go through this. I wish H wasn't so ill. I wish a million things this morning.

You may not know her but please play for her and H! She's truly one of the most amazing woman i've ever known.


There are blogs that i read on a daily basis. I log on and open up my blog scroll thing and i read them religiously. They're part of my everyday routine. Everyone of them makes you think.
This one makes you realize that true love never dies. When someone is your soul mate you're forever connected. Even when the distance between souls is the greatest ever.
This one makes me realize there is never an end to hope. That there is always a next step and always something in gods plan. We may not understand at the moment, but there's a plan
The power of love is an amazing thing. and what this husband and wife have been through is an indescribable. She has the strength and faith others only pray to achieve.

When i'm feeling like life is to much, when things get to tough, these blogs bring me back to reality. Its amazing! They're Amazing!

This seems fitting for a 100th blog post. I'm in a very contemplative mood right now, so this fits.

No matter how shity your day has been. Tomorrows a new day. The sun will rise, the birds will sing, the traffic will still suck. but you're still around to experience it all.

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