Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday


I had plans to get together with some girls, but i spent most of the day with my moms. We get 1 day a year just to us, no cell phones, no husbands, no brothers, just us. We go to the Portland Womans Show. Its always a fun time. We get to eat lots of samples, get loads of free stuff and its just a blast.

we walk around for hours joking and laughing. we go out for lunch then we head back home. but its just a nice relaxing mom/daughter day. I can't wait till the day i can bring my daughter(s) to the show. its just so fun. There's booths from striper classes to gutter guards for your house or from avon to pinguine windows. Its seriously a bunch of women meeting, eating, talking and having a ball.

was a typical monday. I skipped my class to study for my sales midterm

My coworker was in the worst PMS'y mood. everything was over the top dramatic and 10x as hard as needed.

I got upset because i'm supposed to know to look into somehting that i didn't know was wrong and ask a question about a price that i didn't know i was pricing wrong. It was rediculous. but that was yesterday. today is today