Monday, October 20, 2008

Just in time for lunch

My printers are back up...
just in time for me to clock out for lunch.

So here's my story from last night.

I ruined dinner.
seriously it was not edible.

we went to the store and got groceries for dinner and for lunches.
a good 108.00 later we're home

i made my husbands latest favorite: baked chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery.

well i for got to get the seasoning packet from the store. So i thought hell, why not i'll just make it myself. WRONG!!!!!!!!! wrong, wrong, wrong... wrong wrong!!!

i mistakenly gabbed.... chipotle CINNAMON spice. who the eff puts those 2 together?!?!?! who does that.

it smelled good till i opened the cooking bag. then it smelled.... 'off'. so i made it how i normally would and made B come in and try the gravey. He seriously GAGGED! i've never had my husband gag over something i made before this.

........ i cried. i bawled!

B ordered my favorite pizza to make me feel better. but i felt so bad.


CageQueen said...

Dude. You get props for even trying to cook. I'm so freaking busy I'd love to be able to cook a meal. And I am sure my husband would love it, too. Alas, it is the quickie style meals for us nowadays. Good for you!