Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Annoyance

So i have 2 sounds that randomly bug the shiit out of me.

1) the sound of a leaf blower. I HATE HATE HATE the anoying whine of the fucking leaf blower. its fucking oregon people. not only is it oregon but its fall in oregon. We have millions upon millions of trees. no matter how much you blow the leafs around they'll be back tomorrow. use a fucking broom. save yourself the back that smells like gas and the planet and just sweep the damm leafs. seriously? we're so lazy that we have to use a leaf blower in the fall, in the rain, IN OREGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay less annoying but still annoying

2) coughing. i just think its inconsiderate to cough and cough and cough right next to you or in your general area. get up, step out of the room, get a sip of water something. don't just sit there and hack. gross. Seriously!

okay thats all for now. haha


CageQueen said...

Worse are people who cough and don't cover their mouths. Even toddlers are taught to do that!