Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i just had a friend tell me something huge.

she told me her mom is going to kill herself in 3 weeks if her workmans comp doesn't help her.
she's devistated, doesn't know where to go, what to do.

I need you guys to help me. i don't know where to start.

She's still working and going through the motions but i can tel, by her eyes that its not okay. help!!!

So i called and talked to my husband to see if he knew of any hospitals in the area of her mom. He's also looking at places for people who don't want the help them selves.
I gave her the 1800 number.
She's aftraid if she calls her mom will hate her.
I told her its better for her to hate you now and for her to get better and she'll forgive you later than for her to love you and 3 weeks from now not be around.
i told her how dangerous it is for her mom to be saying her 'goodbyes' and so on.
My husband and i have each lost someone to suicide, so it really hits home for us.
I'll let you guys know what happens later.
thanks a million for all your help


CageQueen said...

Your friend needs to contact a suicide hotline ASAP. They can help her and they can also advise on what needs to be done for her mom. They are all over the internet and a simple Google search should produce some quick results.

t.bird said...

oh my- how horrible. i can't even imagine what that poor woman must be going through to even be considering this!
i'll pray!