Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today is an odd day

Today just feels off. I sometimes get these feelings, if i was a mom i'd call them mothers intuition, but i'm not so i just call them feelings. like i can feel like something is going to go wrong with the day or someone is going to have a bad...something (not the right word but the best i can do) happen. And i don't say a lot of things, i sort of just weight for the other shoe to drop. its not fun but its been happening since i was, oh i dunno 13 or 14. i'm not saying i'm psychic or anything, i just feel like i'm in tune.

on days like these i want to hold everyone i love close to me. so i can stop what ever or i can comfort them when said something happens/goes wrong/effects them/what ever.

So I miss my husband a lot today. I miss him every day because i'm a sap like that but i miss him more today then most days. these are the days i just want to sit in his lap facing him and lay my head on his chest. because just hearing his heartbeat and smelling his smell comforts me like no other. I don't think he realizes the power he has over me. lol. I don't do this often because he's not an affectionate person in that way. he's a very loving man, but in his world kisses are pecks and hugs shouldn't last longer than 5 seconds and if they do they require him squeezing the life out of me in the name of fun.

anways, back to what i was saying... today just feels off. i'm not sure why but i'll let you know when i do


Lizzen said...

Hi Rotty dear! So good to "see" you! I seem to have fallen off of the BNOTB planet . . . I get one week where I'm too busy to get on and suddenly I'm gone forever. While it was good for me to kick the addiction, I do miss the ladies.

Thanks for getting in touch! I'm definitely going to start following your blog now that I've found it!

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

Hey girl! **big hug**