Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning!

Happy Monday.... or not

So i get to work today to find everything changed. i have a blanket that i keep in my chair becuase either the chair hurts my butt or i'm freezing when everyone else is sweating. Well, i came in this morning to find it on the floor (p.s. who does that?) i find my computer on and everythings open, including my email. I know its a company email, company computer, but at the same time i feel a little invaded. like whats next? i don't do anything on the computers that woudl be seen as inappropriate? i'm only online during breaks. but anways back to my morning.

so they updated our system last night/this morning. well apparently, i can log in now under my own name (horray!) because i was logging in under the girl who's job i took (she moved to texas).
but now the system doesn't give me permission to use the invoicing menus i use every day.

well great. So here i sit. At least it gives me a chance to update my blog and finish my coffee.
i brought in my halloween cupcakes to work. i love it.

well... i guess i'll try and get as much done with out my computer as possible.

So i was able to get into my computer system, but unfortunatley i'm unable to print because my print...
so much for getting paperwork done on time.

its now noon.... still no printer.

Here's a pretty oregon sunrise for you!


CageQueen said...

It seems like a Monday in truest sense of the word!

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

eek I can't stand when they messed with my computer at work. It's like seriously?? Can you pick my sweater up off the floor when you knock it down, it's only polite.