Thursday, October 30, 2008

the adventures of my evil co worker

On the 17th i had this guy call in he has these HUGE windows on his house in WA. Well i spent like 30 min on the phone with him going over things and explaining things to get his drapes cleaned and get a good person out there to help him.

Starting in November he's having his house painted on the inside. So he wants them down the friday before (the 31st). So i scheduled it accordingly.

again thats a full 2 weeks.

well i gave it to her to schedule and put on B (boss driver)'s schedule. Apparently she put it on the "regular driver future order clip board".

So yesterday she goes...

"B can't make it to this one its not in the area he's going",

i said

"um, no thats been scheudled for over 2 weeks the guy is counting on us to go out there".

she snottly replies
"well, then you have to explain that to B, because i'm not going to get yelled at for you".

I dropped it there because i was already plotting her death at this point.

So just a few min ago D (our boss) asks us about it. She says:

"Rotty schedulded this and its not in his area so I called driver Y and had him pick it up because bill didn't want to go out there and it wasn't on his schedule".

i was like "um no wait a second. I scheduled that for the 31st on the 17th. you put it on the future order clip board"

she goes "no it was originally scheduled for the 17th see here where it says the 17th"

i said "No, It says the 17th on there because i messed up and when it printed out it didn't say what it was supposed to so i asked you to write the 31st on there for me and then put it on B's schdule. I've had that one schedlued since beofre he went on vacation. (ps. he went to montana all last week)"

and thats when D interjected and told me not to schedule for B anymore. Which is fine.

but i'm like really? just shove me under that bus


aLLieBooBeRZ said...

I do not like working with people like that!!