Thursday, October 16, 2008

So Freaking excited

So since i've been working here we there's been a coffee shop across the street that hasn't been open.

then one day we look over there and some people are working on it. we got really excited

wellllllllll they opened today. i'm super excited right now. i'm going to go over there on break. i'll update my findings.

So i walked over there. I talked to the lady and asked what she recomended.
She said that the guy makes the best turkey gravey for buscuits and gravy. So i went with that.
its like a flavor party in my mouth.
Its organic rosemary busikets
with turkey gravey with rosmary in it.
seriously!!! if i had to nit pick i'd say it was a little rosemary heavy but its still super good.
i just toook pictures of it so you guys can experience it with me.
i'll post the pictures when i get home.


CageQueen said...

The website for designer discounts is via invitation only. I can send you an invite but you first have to send me an email from the address you'd like to use. My Stoopid Gmail didn't keep your info. The invite will come directly from the comapny and I think it is called Sale Mail or something. So, yeah, send me an email. :)

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

Coffee shops RULE