Friday, October 24, 2008

bad evening, great night, amazing morning

Yesterday evening was a rough one.
Thursday is bowling night. Its been bowling night since before i was born, and it'll be bowling night when i have kids. Its family tradition. My little brother and i have been bowling since i was 8 and he was 6. We couldn't wait to be able to bowl with our parents. Last year was my brothers first year. Its pretty exciting. Anywho....

We're doing this tournament thing during our league on thursday. I won't go into to much detail because (1) its long and (2) if you don't get bowling, you wouldn't understand. but its teams of 2 in brackets beating out one another till one team wins.

well i was teamed up with this one guy (its a random draw). Well he's a douchetastic ass hole. My mom and i were walking down collecting things and We stoped to talk to him. '

we'll call him P. P asks me how i'm bowling, i say "oh about this good ::insert middle finger::", now i'm not flipping him off i'm making a sweeping motion with the middle finger to illustrate how bad i'm doing. P SLAPS MY FINGER so hard. I was like wow dude. My mom slapped him on the back of the head for hitting me. HE SLAPS HER BACK! i said something along the lines of "Whoa dude, who do you think you are? you're a fucking ass hole..." i would have gone on but my mom asked me to stop. THEN... THEN he says "hey you don't want to be a bitch like your mom". At this point i'm FUMING! i'm so beyond pissed! i go to step to him, because no one NO ONE talks to my mom like that. Who does he think he is.... my mom stopped me and told me no. So i stopped. we got what we had gone down there to get and left. I'm STILL fuming over him.

Strike 1) he hit me
strike 2) he smacked my mom
strike 3) he called my mom a bitch.

When i told my husband why i was so mad, he got madder (is that even a word) than me.
The dude was drunk, but still. I'll never say another word to him. He's dead to me. You really really don't want to cross me. I'm seriously you're best friend in the world, i'll bend over backwards for you. but you do something like this and you need to stay a good 200 yards away at all times.

We get home, we chill for a little bit. We go to bed and we...'reconnected'. It had been a long time coming we haven't had time in a while. And lets just say it was!!!

then this morning, we over slept a little. But not to bad. For once we actually left at the same time this morning. We kiss good bye and as i'm leaving he says 'by the way you look really good today!'. Now i know husbands are supposed to say that all the time. well my husband is really stingy with the complements. It means a lot when he does say it. So my morning is off to an amazing start.

YAY today


Cate said...

Oh my! I can't believe any adult would ever think it is okay to hit someone. I have problems teaching 3 year old's that lesson, but never imagined an adult would have difficulty with it.
Sorry he ruined your night :(

Patricia said...

My God, my mother herself would not have stopped me.... But then again I have anger issues, too, and am in serious need of Anger Management some days. You are the _bomb_ for keeping your composure as well as you did. I would have spent the night in jail.