Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good day ruined

::wipes away tears::

I'm so frustrated. I do my best here at work. I come up with idea to organize, I try to do my best. But, when i try and voice my opinion on something that needs to change, I get kicked. I'm trying to re organize our filing system to make it work better. But apparently i need to make our system that doesn't work.... work.

you can't shove a weeks worth of files into one manilla file and expect to find things. Its frustrating to put a lot of thought and detail into a plan and have it pretty much spit on because it wasn't 'so and so's' idea. its like why do you want my opinion if it doesn't matter.

i'm emotional as it is today, but now this.

so now i get to go dig through 3 drawers worth of files since april to find 1 peice of paper from 1 company. talk about needle in a hay stack.

::sucks back tears::
here i go


Betty said...

Ugh that totally sucks and pisses me off. Some people just don't want change, and thier business will be effected sooner or later by that.

CageQueen said...

I totally can relate. Feel better. :)