Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holy Crap

So my best friends husband (who i'm not a huge fan of) added me on myspace. So i said hells why not. so i added him. This morning i got the urge to see what kind of pictures he has up...

all seems normal till thre's a picture OF HIS DAUGHTER!!!! she's 6 freaking years old. Okay people having kids... not that big of a deal.

what shocks me is that my best friend didn't tell me. i'm not going to judge him for having another kid, i'm going to judge him cause he's a douchenozzel.

so this morning i text her asking whats up with that. she says he only gets pictures of her, he never gets to see her. The little girl doesn't even know he's her dad. The mom is married and doesn't want him in her life.

i'm now both shocked and sad. She looks JUST LIKE HIM!!! like freaky similar.

So as i'm getting the story out of my best friend here's what i know.
she found T (my bff's husband) on myspace and he didn't know she was married. They did the dirty dirty and she got pregnant. Well she doesn't want the little girl to know whe has a differant daddy. How freaking sad is this. seriously. i don't like the dude. but dang.