Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hump day!!

So after a long night, its Wednesday morning. I'm so tired.
I'm ready for today to be over with. I wonder if i'll go to class tonight (probably not).
I'd rather go home to work. but we'll see.

Okay so working out this week, not so good.
i worked out Saturday the last time.
I think tonight I'm going to go work out, come home and do my homework.
I feel huge today. blech. maybe it was the beer and chicken noodle soup combo last night. lol.
the beer came before the soup. and i only had one glass. but still.
I met bri and his friend Jeff at SRO (local bar) last night. We had planned on playing pool, but both tables were taken. So we played EXTREME Buck Hunter. I suck at that game, but its fun. Jeff is freakishly good. lol. Oh well. it was a fun break.

i spent 12+ hours in knee high 3" heeled boots yesterday. my feet hurt today so i decided to wear my kitten heal purple shoes with the black bow. I love them.

I'm still super tired. I'm really rambly and not completely coherent today. but hey, its my blog, i can ramble if i want to.


CageQueen said...

Show the shoes! Purple is my fave color.