Thursday, May 7, 2009

Confession Friday.

confession friday may or maynot switch to confession monday when i get home. but for now we're going to go with confession friday.

So on a board i used to be on we would do confession Fridays. its a time to purge all the things you've kept bottled up in your head for far to long. it can be simple or it can be complicated. its really up to you.

So here's my first session of confession friday:

  • I like to poop. I'm often so busy back home (and here) that the only time i get a moment's break by myself, is when i poop. So i've grown to love my poop time.
  • I often like to text my friends when i'm doing said pooping. it makes me giggle. i don't text all my friends, normally its just Holly and Marjie! sorry girls, your just to awesome to not text.
  • Chicken Top Ramen and a cold coke has been a diet staple since i've been here.
  • True Blood makes me all hot and bothered
  • I really hope the first thing B wants to do when i get home isn't sex. Because my first thought is a shower. 3 days of traveling non isn't #1, but it is #1.5.
  • I seriously think i'm obsessed with blogs. I've stumbled across some new ones in the past week and I spend the majority of my morning reading them.
  • I have "my spot" and "my computer" i don't want to move for the fact that someone might take it. obsessive yes. yes i am.
  • I'm pretty much think about wanting to go home and how much i miss my husband every other second.

*EDITED* I also wanted to add

  • I'm currently 'following' 117 blogs
  • I get on shift and make a beline for "my spot" so i can see whats up on the blogs i follow
  • I easily spend several hours reading, commenting, and laughing at blogs all day.
  • I also do not feel bad about any of my Confessions


CageQueen said...

Compromise: SHOWER SEX!!

B said...

Haha, these made me laugh. Good for you for confessing and for not feeling bad!

Danse said...

LOL, I like your confessions :o)

Also, I nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog for details.

julochka said...

blogs before sex. i think that sounds reasonable. :-) but of course, you didn't actually SAY that...