Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suprise to me!

So i was compltey convinced that there was something going on sunday that i wasn't paying attention to saturday. lol.
I had known we were going to my father in law's house but i wasn't ready for what happend when we got there.
My family and friends threw me a Suprise Welcome Home Party! i was so shocked when i walked in the door and saw everyone. I was floored!!

It was so much fun.
my parents and brother were there. all of B's siblings were there (he has 2 sisters and 1 brother) 2 of the 3 brought their significant others. B's mom and step dad were there. then my BFF showed up with my godson. who by the way i was texting the whole time we were driving up to his house. and she pretended to be not going anywhere that night. sneaky devil. i had so much fun!!

This is my god son dominic! seriously love this man.
my broha and my sister in law. looking classy.
everyone hanging out
B's dad, my mom and my dad
dom again. sorry. he's just to cute to not take pictures of.

oh. these pictures are brought to you off of my NEW CAMERA!!

B's dad gave me his old one. Al likes to buy new electronic things and give us his old ones. lol. so now i'm rocking with the Samsung Digimax L60. I can't wait to take more pictures and see what this baby can do. i'm so excited. after months in the heat mine's not doing so hot. lol. but i'm still freaking geeked about this camera.

whats that you say?
you want to see more pictures of my adorable god son?

well... since you asked so nicely.


Janet said...

He is a QTpa2T! sounds like you had a wonderful time!

B said...

What a great surprise! It looks like a great time!