Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Want This Tuesday

Okay, so i'm a day late. sue me.
I had stuff to take care of like running laps around the transient tents to find a working phone to save some poor girls life in the bathroom. long story to follow later.
okay. so onto I want this tuesday.

I have a confession. Its a confession that my husband truley hates.
I confess that i am obsessed with cutesy office products. I love them.

So while browsing a blog i follow... miss jane.
I found this site: Girl Of All Work.

And i think i died happy right there.

Look how cute this stuff is!!!

"Garden Variety" Clips

There's even an entire section devoted to Recycled Products. How can i not love a shop like this? i mean seriously! I don't even have a desk at the moment. i won't even get back to work till july some time. but i want to get these so i can have them waiting for me. haha.

She also has a BUNCH of journals and note books. Seriously awesome stuff. you have to check it out.

GIRL OF WORK - I Want This Tuesday (19 May 09)


Mrs. S said...

I too love cute office supplies!! Are you sure we're not related?

B said...

Lovely! I'll go and visit! Thanks!