Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Double Bogging.

So, as most of you know. I am where i am (lol, vague much).

I have a secondary blog that i use to detail my trips, the whole shebang.

When I'm finally home and out of my bedroom, i think I'll make it un-private and link it on here for you all to see. Its been a good trip.

But, I'm ready to go home.


Just Jules said...

thanks so much for stopping off at my place in blogatopia. Come often, comment much , bring friends!


B said...

It'd really interesting to look at what you've been doing in the other blog! I love the photos from the previous post.
PS. Thanks for visiting me!

Polly said...

Hello, thanks for visitng my blog! Not sure where you are but judging by the pics in your previous post it's somewhere interesting...