Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confession Friday

So who's up for another round of Confession Friday? I'm in a particularly foul mood today. so today's confession may lean a wee bit towards the dark side. but rumor has it that the dark side has liquor. so I'm all for it.

  • I'm going to start calling my replacement BD. which are her initials, but also stand for bitchy demon. coincidence? i think not!
  • I've thought about ways to piss BD off more lately than i have any other person in a very long time. I also find it funny when others make her mad. spiteful, yes i am.
  • today BD said, and i quote "i dare some dude to try and rape me." and then proceeded to say that she thinks that they wouldn't leave with all their attached parts attached. To me this is like spitting in karma's face and saying that those who have been raped, somehow did so willingly. Karma's a bitch BD. Watch yourself.
  • I wonder who i have to sleep with to get out of this place, because a BJ for a plane ride is looking like an acceptable deal right about now.
  • I keep to myself for the most part lately, because for some reason when i open my mouth something snarky comes out. and so i try to keep it shut.
  • I have almost completely tuned out everyone around me and tuned in to the interwebs peoples on my boards and blogs. because honestly the real world people are making me slightly homicidal.
  • I packed my bag yesterday hoping that might help my chances... not one bit. not one freaking bit.
  • I'm honestly trying to cut back on my soda intake, but the coca cola monkey on my back won't let me.
  • I'm honestly trying to keep a good attitude. I'm doing my best. but i just want to go home.
  • I really miss my husband.
  • I went this entire deployment with out a break down. but I'm getting really close to having one now. I'm trying to keep it together. but I'm about to lose my shit.
  • I'm now in tears... so i think I'm going to end this.


B said...

I hope they send you home soon! I'm sure they will. Keep strong, almost there!

Cate said...

Can't WAIT for you to come home, where you belong.

I admire you so much and think you are an amazing woman. :)

LittleCyndiLou said...

I really hope you get news soon of when you get to come home!

Mrs. S said...

hang in there, it's the home stretch. Save the BJ business, your hubby will be grateful! But only after you get a shower and to sleep in your own bed.