Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day.

Since I'm not home, i don't have a picture to post of me and my mom. but I'm sure these will do.

This is my mommy and daddy at my husbands graduation!
This is my mommy and my husband at his graduation.

I miss them all greatly and can't wait to go home. My mom and I had a rough start growing up and i resented her for much of my youth. but now that I'm older she's one of my best friends. i love my mom with all my heart.

for new(ish) moms, moms of moms, daughters and anyone else with dependants: Kiss your kids and give them an extra hug for those of us away from home and unable to do so for our loved ones.

for hopeful and waiting to be moms: I say a silent prayer for each and every single one of you. because i know you're out there. and i know that today is hard for you. i love you all!!



I just called my mommy. i feel like crying. i miss her so much. she said i "made her day". made me feel good. i wish i was home.