Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm alive I promise

Hey guys. i'm alive and well.
I'm at stop #1 of 3 i think. possibly 4.
I'm sweating my nonexistant balls off at the moment. its got to something near 120 degrees here today. no, for once i'm not exaturating. it really is that hot here.
the suns going down now and the wind's picking up so its getting better here. i'm very happy about that.

I was sitting very comfortably in a chair in an air conditioned building. but apparently they're closing for a couple hours. so now i'm sitting out side. I need to find my camera in my back pack and take a bunch of pictures of this place. I thought where i was was bad with lack of color... holy crap. this place is insane. everything is beige. the rocks are beige. the buildings are beige, the windows are beige, even the side walks are beige. Its a little intense.

Right now i'm sitting under neath what the locals call "the bra" hahaha. but its technically "coailation plaza" or something of that nature. its a big bad under a big tits looking tent. its quite awesome.

ahhhh the breeze. this is what it must feel like to be in a big gigantic convection oven. lol. not even the breeze brings a break from the heat unless you count the chill it sets off in my spine from the sweat streak i'm rocking right now. lol.

I'll post pics and such as soon as i can. hopefully tomorrow.


Rachel said...

And that, my dear, is the exact biological purpose of sweat. Even if the breeze is a thousand degrees, it helps a LITTLE if you're wet.

GL, can't wait to hear that you're home!

B said...

Yay! You're on your way home!