Saturday, May 30, 2009

Should I switch it up?

So i feel like i've come to a place where this lay out isn't working for me anymore.

i'm not hating the 2 colums. i've tried 3 colums, but the size of the main colum is to small for my taste.

So i'm looking at switching it up.

What do you think? should I switch it up? keep it?

i'm up for suggestions.

where do you get your layouts?


iasa said...

I haven't found a layout i'm happy with. Like you i wish the main column was a bit wider. I guess i could design my own, but that is so not gonna happen right now.

Mrs.Rotty said...

i wish i had the ability to design my own. but i'm not skilled in that aspect.

Just Jules said...

I don't know - I am going through a slight remodel too. Julie @ Moment's of Perfect Clarity gave me a link. There are some great backgrounds - I just couldnt' get them to download? She on the other hand had no problem.

I have a question that relates though - do you know how to alter the text color in your header? Let me know via email.

thank you!


Bitsybelle said...