Monday, May 4, 2009

My Reading List

Here's My list of books (hyperlinked to amazon) that I've read on my trip. is this necessary information for you, nope. Is it interesting, probably not. does it kill time and keep me from thinking about the hell hole I'm in, yes, yes it does. So here you go

Books I've read
(in no particular order)

Twilight Saga
-These books get enough hype. If you haven't heard of them, you live under a rock.-

House of night Series
-These are shorter than the twilight saga, but i think they're better in someways. Still set during high school, but these have a different twist than the normal vampire love story-

Vampire Academy
-These are set during high school. The first book is a little dry and hard to get through but so worth it. book #3 is my favorite so far. These books had a twist on vampires i hadn't seen or heard before. very interesting to me, but not for everyone -

Morganville Vampires
-These are my favorite little series so far. they're little quick reads, which i love. but the story line isn't lacking. The characters and the plot keep building and getting better with each book. I'm seriously anxiously waiting for the 6th book. i can't wait!-

Vampire Kisses
-these are cutesy. if you have a young niece or daughter who liked the twilight books, or is interested in them, these might be the place to start. I was surprised at the reading level of these when i bought them, but they're cute. I liked them. but if you're looking for an adult read, these are not the books for you.-

Midnight Breed
-1 word SMUTTASTIC. I love these books. Seriously. I had one of my guy friends here HOOKED on these books. but if you are even slightly prude in any way. these are not the books for you. but if you love a hot passionate session as much as the next girl, oh boy do i have a treat for you. -

Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse Series
-I'm in love with this series. Seriously obsessed. If you didn't know the first book was made into the HBO series True Blood. I love this series. I love them. The 9th one comes out today (tomorrow for you guys). I'm waiting till i get home to read it (which sucks). but I'm seriously in love. -

What I'm Reading Now
(no not all at once)

Night World
-I'm currently on book to of #1- I'll let you know after I'm done -

Blue Bloods
-I'm saving these to read on the plane ride home, so you'll have to wait for my witty review-


LittleCyndiLou said...

I will be downloading these to my kindle, we seem to have very similar reading taste.