Monday, May 4, 2009

oh how i want this!

Oh Kindle 2.0! how i love thee!!

One day i will have you! and we will be lovers for life, or until the new version comes along, then i may have to upgrade.

I want a kindle SO BAD! Since I've been here I've read 33 books (so far) i have another 6 i have here and haven't read yet. i should read an extra one for an even 40 books in 4 months.

I could have had ALL of those books on this one tiny version of my new best friend. one day i will have you senior kindle. we will be one!


Sara Christine said...

I just inherited the first generation Kindle from my Mom. It's a little odd at first, but very user friendly. Great for traveling for sure. But I still like going to the library. :)

MrsAshley said...

I want one too!!!! For now, I use on my iPhone. I love it!