Friday, May 29, 2009

Confession Friday.

so today's friday confession will be a little scatterbrained. Due to the fact that i've been every where and done lots of things this week, its been a little crazy. I'm going to be a bit all over the place. but i'm including pictures. so why the heck not. haha.

~ I missed this dude more than i care to admit. and i'm so glad that he didn't turn in to daddy's boy and is still my little man. of course i'm talking about my puppy sammy

~ I'm also really glad my husband didn't changed to much while i was gone. Everyone grows and changes. but i was TERRIFIED he'd be someone i didn't know when i came home but he's not. He's still the man i fell in love with

~ Because i've been in 2 sets of uniforms for the past 150 or so days i've become obsessed with clothes and shoes and accessories. I like bags. but i normally keep 1 main purse that's plain and black. that way i don't have to change it when i go on base and back in uniform.

~ I've thrown away at least 5 garbage bags FULL of clutter from around the apartment since i've been home. between tattered clothes, old socks, stuff i've kept cause i "though i would need it", etc.

~ I plan on cleaning a lot more

~ Driving here now makes my anxiety shoot through the roof.

~ I can't wait to get into an art class again. I really enjoyed it and learning how to improve in places and how to do new things.

~ I'm seriously so OCD, i'm already starting to rework my planner. I went out and bought new inserts and new calender and i'm now updating it though... oh December. lol.

~ I find doing my planner, and color coding it and blocking out times oddly soothing.

~ I still can't poop regularly here.

~ I've been home 7 days exactly now. and I've missed 2 days of going to the gym. today is one of them because we slept in till 11. oops.

~ i have to go to my civilian job and talk to them. but I'm really not looking forward to it.

~ I wish B would find a job... NOW. so i wouldn't have to go back to work.

~ Finding things i "put away" before i left is proving increasingly difficult.

~ I'm so happy to be home! so so happy!

(this is taken with my cell phone looking out the window from my spot on the couch. So beautiful!)


Janet said...

Welcome home Heather! and thank you for what you do.
i understand your OCD-ness. I was trying to convince the people i work with that it's a mental illness and i should get a medical retirement because of it. ;) so far i'm still workin'!